Services for Architects

BGroup Studio is committed to providing unparalleled General Contractor services, specializing in assisting architects in the realization of exclusive projects.

With a focus on high-end projects, we dedicate ourselves to transforming innovative visions into tangible realities, ensuring a service that excels in every phase of the creative and construction process.

The balance between creativity, technical precision, and adherence to the agreed budget is the cornerstone upon which we build the success of each project.

Our Primary Services for Architects

Project Management

Our project management is marked by excellence and precision. We tackle every challenge with a bespoke approach that ensures the realization of unique projects, reflecting each expectation.

Planning and Quotation

Strategic planning and precise budgeting are fundamental to the success of the projects we manage. We offer transparency and accuracy to ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with our clients’ visions.

Work Coordination

Our experience in coordinating complex high-end projects enables us to ensure that every phase of the work proceeds smoothly, maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

Management of Human Resources

The selection of a highly qualified team of professionals and effective management of human resources are essential to completing projects that meet the criteria of excellence.

Quality Control

We implement rigorous quality controls to ensure that every detail of the project meets the highest standards, from material selection to final implementation.

After-Sales Support

We provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure that the project continues to meet expectations over time, maintaining the excellence and quality that characterize our work.



One of our projects at BGROUP studio, in collaboration with an architecture firm, is the renovation of an apartment in the historic center of Belluno.

We embraced the essence and charm of traditional architecture while simultaneously creating residential spaces.

Functionality was a priority in every phase of the project.

Every space was optimized and carefully studied with the architect to meet our client’s needs, offering innovative and practical solutions to make the most out of each environment.

Elegance is a hallmark of our projects.

Attention to detail and care for decorative elements have given the spaces a refined and sophisticated style, while maintaining a modern and fresh aesthetic.



After conducting a site survey and understanding the needs, we developed a layout for the counter and seating area and presented a three-dimensional proposal of the space and its style.

Being located in an industrial area, the idea was to embrace an industrial style by selecting surfaces with aged wood and corten (rust) effects.

In the area of the counter, we opted for a neutral gray paint to create a box effect and define the volumes of the suspended ceiling.

For the counter surface, we chose a white HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) material, which, combined with focused lighting, highlights the products as if they are “under the spotlight.”

The back counter was physically divided between the bread and pizza paddle sales area, with their respective ovens, and the coffee bar area with display cases for croissants, muffins, krapfen, biscuits, and savory snacks.

In a context of neutral colors, we decided to add character to the venue by incorporating wallpaper featuring giant sandwiches and a lively accessory color inspired by the yellow spike in the bakery’s logo.

From here, we selected yellow polypropylene chairs with metal frames to maintain an industrial style with a vintage flair.

The same color was chosen for the lettering above the counter, representing the venue’s tagline.

Farra D'Alpago


For their 10th anniversary in business, Serena and Ivan decided to renovate their pastry shop, aiming to give it a new elegant, delicate, and welcoming appearance while also making it easier for them to work.

To achieve all this, they relied on us, overseeing every phase of the design and installation process.

We personally took care of providing furnishings, doors, lighting, and coordinating all the tradespeople, including plasterers, electricians, plumbers, and refrigeration technicians.

In just 3 weeks, we delivered the venue exactly as you see it in the photo… What do you think? Do you like it?


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La nostra dedizione all’eccellenza e al rispetto dei budget concordato ci rende il General Contractor ideale per chi cerca un servizio senza compromessi.

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