BGroup studio
General Contractor

Bgroup Studio was born in 2015 in Farra d’Alpago (BL) in Veneto Region, from the idea of Nicola Giozzet putting at the client’s disposal his long expertise in interior design.

We are specialized in realizing interior spaces, being supported by a strong network of craftsmen and Italian companies, following the entire process until the final delivery.

BGroup Studio develops and manages the entire supply chain handing over a turnkey property.

Perfection arises from our meticulous quality control.

Bgroup isn’t a brand. Bgroup is an ideology. The brilliance of brilliant craftsmen and the Italian taste for art.

We believe in a world where technology comes together with the human touch to create a brand-new way of experiencing the living space in the name of beauty.

Our studio engages craftsmen creating excellent workmanship that becomes custom-made furniture. We can provide you with everything you wish to furnish a space, following the process until the final delivery.

The contract sector is our world, and we simply love it. We collaborate with several architectural studios, giving maximum support and freedom of shape, materials and finishing.